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“We need to think of a company name” said Kris, to owner Teri back in 2008.

“I can’t” responded Teri, “All I can think about is sugar, sugar, and sugar!”

After graduating from Metropolitan State with a BFA in communication design, working for different corporations lead to feelings of frustration for Teri. A lack of creative freedom eventually ended with the beginning of a freelance business called Sugar Ink Design.

Teri's happy family photo taken by Bobby: Jared, Mackenzie, Teri, and Mason

Teri's happy family photo taken by Bobby: Jared, Mackenzie, Teri, and Mason


“During my first pregnancy, I developed Gestational Diabetes, which meant NO SUGAR! As a pregnant woman, this was absolutely devastating news because that was all I wanted to eat! The insatiable cravings eventually led to the name of the company.”


From wedding day to baby on the way, Sugar Ink is offering eye candy for every occasion. This wide range of experience often results in return customers and more importantly, lifelong friendships between Teri’s team and their clients. Not only do they specialize in all aspects of weddings, Sugar Ink excels in capturing all of life’s special moments in a unique way. Photographers Teri, Katelyn, and Bobby have stunning portfolios of family portraits, engagement photos, furry faces, Colorado landscapes, and plenty of adorable babies.

“We like being apart of everyone’s story–we love being able to communicate what our clients want to portray.”


Following Bobby on Instagram, Teri noticed that Bobby has a “good eye” and thought, it must run in the family! When the opportunity arose for Bobby to join his big sister, Teri as a part of Sugar Ink’s photography team, he could barely contain himself! Always smiling, Bobby isn’t afraid of tomorrow, he is in fact, excited to meet it, greet it, and take it’s picture!


Katelyn is a photographer thriving in Denver. Growing up with the Rocky Mountains in her backyard gave her a deep appreciation for natural beauty. Katelyn is down to earth, patient and spontaneous, making every experience easy-going, enjoyable and memorable. She is dedicated to her clients and she gives all her energy and creativity to capturing these special moments families can forever cherish.


While searching for potential jobs in Denver, Ashley landed on Sugar Ink Design. She has been fascinated with graphic design from an inexplicably early age, but she’s more than a designer. She’s also an avid reader, a passionate jewelry designer and crafter, a small business owner, a mom to a barking ball of fur, a die-hard Hokie, a crazy hockey fan, and an addict of really bad TV.


Miya is a talented illustrator, designer and Hula dancer with an affinity for travel, Asian cuisine, printmaking, Japanese illustration and crafting. Miya graduated from the University of Northern Colorado, where she earned her BFA in Graphic Design.


Meet Mackenzie Jo! Our tiny Photo Assistant! Kenzie is in charge of carrying the step stool, handing mommy the correct lens when needed and making little ones smile for the camera! We’re so lucky to have such an adorable helper!


The newest member of the Sugar Ink Design team is myself, April. I am originally from Colorado but currently living in South East Kansas. When my mother mentioned that her friend Teri was needing a social media manager, I jumped at opportunity! I was so excited when Teri agreed to let me manage their blog and media from Kansas. I am also a fluency coach at an elementary school, a college student working on a degree in Counseling, and a passionate poet.


My favorite thing about Sugar Ink Design is that it is not a design company looking to get rich that decided to hire a few talented photographers. They are a team of artists with a passion to include their clients in the creative process in order to deliver the best possible product. The team loves giving back to the community and spends a lot of their time doing non-profit work with MADD, Families First, and sponsoring the Gobble Wobble. They are also one of the few design companies that cater to the LGBT community.

“Without Teri and SugarInk our wedding would not have survived and certainly would not have been as beautiful. This was a once in a lifetime experience and we could not have asked for better people to work with and better results.” 

-Rebecca, Wedding Wire Review

After winning the Denver A List’s ‘Best Wedding Invitations In Denver’ business has been great for Teri, almost too great to keep up with two jobs and two kids. Like most artists, Teri embraces the chaos and wears a smile through it all. I could continue to brag about how much I have fallen in love with this business, but as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” so I will just show you some of my favorite shots instead.




Check back on the blog weekly for more breathtaking photos from Sugar Ink Design! I am hoping that this blog can help really show some personality and help friends, fans, and customers see the beautiful souls behind the business.

 For everything else you need to know visit http://www.sugarinkdesign.com/

–April French-Mack


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