What Does the Font Say?

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Choosing a font for an invitation or logo may appear irrelevant, overwhelming, or both. However, this is an important aspect that often gets overlooked in the design world.

The font you end up choosing for your design can either attract someone’s attention or detour them completely. There are hundreds of fonts out there but some of the most common categories are Modern, Script, and Serif; each of these have a specific style that is best for certain messages. Fonts set the vibe for your words and the psychology behind it all is fascinating.
“Researchers at Wichita State found that users consistently attributed personalities to fonts displayed onscreen.”
-Perception of Fonts, Dawn Shaikh
It may sound crazy, but it has been scientifically proven that people disliking your font can be linked to them disliking your information. Even the spacing between your letters and words can largely impact perception!

font1 font3

We don’t expect the average person to have studied the psychology of fonts or handwriting, which is why Sugar Ink Design is proud to offer custom quality graphic design in addition to photography services. The purpose of a logo, invitation, or flyer is to communicate a lot of information in a simple appealing format, and we want to create the perfect design just for you!

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