Remember When Fairy Tales Were Fact, Not Fiction?


Those princess dresses are Mackenzie’s prized possessions. She plays dress up daily; constantly concerned about them staying clean and wrinkle free. When her mother Teri saw that the dresses would not fit for much longer, she knew she had to do something special with them.

“Kenzie has always loved everything Princess, and her growing imagination has lead her to believe she is a real princess! We have always called her ‘Princess Pie’. When she was two years old if asked what her name was, she always replied ‘Kenzie Jo Princess Pie’, believing that was her full name.”

For Kenzie’s 5th birthday a few favorite fairy tales came to life. At Lair O’ the Bear Park in Morrison Colorado, Sugar Ink Design photographer Katelyn Lumpkins captured the beautiful childlike faith that Kenzie carries. It’s a sense of imagination, belief, and wonder that has become rare in the world we live in. As the owner of Sugar Ink Design, Teri knows how many memories a good photograph can capture.

“I wanted her to always remember this time in her life; how much those dresses meant to her and how they made her feel so she can appreciate it when she is older.”


At age two, Snow White was the first princess Mackenzie fell in love with. A few years later, her only concern was for the apple. “Are we done yet, can I eat the apple now?”


Kenzie wears her glass slippers all the time, and loves the sounds they make when she walks on the kitchen floor.

_MG_5201 _MG_5264

Kenzie has been growing her hair out her whole life to look like Repunzel. I think we can all agree, mission accomplished.

_MG_5131 _MG_5126

Princess Merida from the movie Brave, is famous for her bow and arrow skills. Kenzie however, did not really understand the concept. When she was told to shoot, she would throw both the bow and the arrow. With a little more practice, I think she can work her way up to Merida’s level.

_MG_5074 _MG_5063

There’s no ocean in Colorado, but that didn’t stop Katelyn and Teri from creating a beach for Ariel. They took the shots near the stream and brought some seashells for Kenzie’s props. Teri even blew bubbles in the background to really pull the mermaid story off of the pages for Mackenzie.

“Mackenzie had a lot to do with this shoot. She would tell us that she needed to be up high for Repunzel’s long hair, or go by the water for the Ariel photos. Creating the story together was half the fun.”


“We had so many dreams as children. Where do they go when we grow? Are they swallowed up by the mundane things of everyday life? Or do we lose them, leave them behind us in the dust, for new children to find and take up?”
Helen Hollick, The Kingmaking

I think we know all too well how brief the window of childhood is, and how much we cling to those memories as we grow older. Traditional family portraits and yearbook photos are some of the common ways we attempt to capture a specific time in our lives; but what if there was a team of talented photographers and designers that could create a personalized story for your child?

Sugar Ink Design is available to make magic for your family by providing an unforgettable experience for your child, and high quality images that will last forever. Princesses and superheros don’t have to be confined to only the imagination. Maybe a fairy tale photo shoot will be the beginning of a lifetime chasing dreams.

Stop by the Sugar Ink Design Facebook page for the rest of Mackenzie’s photos, and check back on the blog soon for Mason’s superhero photo shoot! Mason and Mackenzie were born just five days apart, and both birthdays were filled with fantasy!

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Author: April French-Mack

Author: April French-Mack

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