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“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

-Milton Glasner

It has been estimated that we see 15,000 images a day. 300-700 of these are marketing messages. We live in a culture that is captivated by photos, graphics, and visuals of any kind. You are probably already considering closing this post because you are reading words, instead of looking at pictures. With technology advancing and attention spans decreasing, the art of graphic design has never been more important. No matter the need-Sugar Ink Design has something for you! The best part is, they want to include you every step of the way so the final product is everything you imagined and more. Here are just a few examples of some eye catching logos designed by Sugar Ink.

Logo Coallage 2014

If you own any type of business, you know that your logo is the face of your product; sometimes that simple image is your only shot to get noticed by a future customer. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, a band, or a restaurant owner; your logo represents your brand! A good brand creates recognition, consistency, and familiarity. A logo is usually your first impression; if you are poorly represented initially, you will have to work much harder in the long run to make up for it.

“For startups and small businesses, branding can often take a backseat to other considerations, such as funding and product development. This is a mistake, as a company’s brand can be key to its success. Dollar for dollar, it is as important and vital as any other early steps.”

-The New York Times

An eye appealing logo is almost more important than a catchy name. Do you need to read ‘McDonalds‘, ‘Starbucks‘, ‘Apple’, or ‘Nike’ to recognize their products? Absolutely not, which is proof that they are experts in the art of branding. Now that you realize how important a logo is, Sugar Ink Design can walk you through the process of finding the perfect fit.

Constant Services Inc_Logo - for blog

Constant Services is a company specializing in security and life safety low voltage electrical.

“This particular client wanted a Colorado theme; something fresh and simple, including a mountain scape, and incorporating the colors of the Colorado flag. First, we provide the client with a set of logo designs that we created based on their initial ideas and requests. Then, they reply with feedback and we make changes until it is exactly what they want! After the first round of mock ups, they requested that we combine the ideas of both #4 and #8. The end result is their new and final logo.”

-Teri: Sugar Ink Design Owner


If you already have a logo, maybe it’s time for an update! Teri and Ashley are the graphic designers for Sugar Ink Design, and they can transform a good idea into an unforgettable face for your brand.


Once your new logo is perfected, it’s time to put it on anything and everything to get yourself recognized. Websites, posters, and business cards are great ways to utilize your new image. In such a digital age, you might think business cards are outdated but that is far from true. Everyone has a forgettable phone number and email address, but a business card is just one more way to make your brand memorable after meeting a potential client. Let the Sugar Ink Design team take their imaginations one step further by combining character, creativity, and your logo onto a perfect pocket-sized card for you to carry everywhere you go!

Business Card Sample 2014

The average person sees thousands of images a day. Sugar Ink Design knows how to make yours stand out. Starting a new business, or revamping an old one can be overwhelming but you have to start somewhere. Even the best quality product will not be successful if it is not recognizable. Begin your design process here, and view more examples of quality design here.

“Design your future, start with a logo.”

-Jarod Kintz


Author: April French-Mack

Author: April French-Mack

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