Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: Festive Fall Photography


A crisp nostalgic scent is in the air already as temperatures start to drop to something a little more comfortable. Summer is fading, leaving shades of yellow and orange in its place. This combination of color, temperature, and autumn lighting creates heaven on earth for any nature loving photographer.


“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”
― Lauren DeStefano, Wither

The fact that fall is fleeting leaves all the more reason to start enjoying the season as soon as possible, while appreciating the warm and vivid colors before they fade to brown. The first official moment of fall for Denver falls on Monday September 22, at 8:29 PM. This moment is known as the fall equinox, meaning the sun crosses the celestial equator leaving us with an equal amount of day and night. After equinox we have approximately two months of the most breathtaking background you could ask for, hand painted by mother nature. Two months may sound like a long time, but I think we have all began to realize that the seasons fly by faster every year. How will you make your autumn memorable?

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Corn mazes and pumpkin patches are a blast, but a photo is the only sure way to make those memories last. At Sugar Ink Design, our photographers have both an eye and an appreciation for all the elements fall adds to photos. Being based out of colorful Colorado gives Sugar Ink Design an endless amount of locations and inspiring ideas to make your pictures stand out.

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“My favorite time of day to shoot would be in the evening during the “golden hour”, when the light is really warm. I love finding locations with the best colors of fall foliage; my favorite place to have a session is Husdon Gardens. I try to make my photo sessions fun and enjoyable! It’s not all about posing and forcing a smile, but having fun and making sure the kids are having a good time too.”

-Katelyn Lumpkins, Sugar Ink Photographer


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus

The team loves exploring new ways to make a shoot creative! Make sure to share some of your fall traditions with your photographer so they can ensure your personality will shine through the images. Do your annual pumpkin carving in a colorful park and invite Sugar Ink to snap some candid shots. Headed to Denver’s Zombie Crawl? Sugar Ink will deliver some frighteningly stunning shots of your look. Maybe family photos aren’t your thing, but your Halloween costume is always photo worthy! Let Sugar Ink capture your costume in a special way, so it can be appreciated for more than just one night. (I once spent two hours painting giraffe spots on myself for Halloween, and luckily a friend did an impromptu photo shoot so my work wasn’t wasted!)

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Maybe you aren’t feeling up to a photo shoot at all, but you’d love to send out some unique thank you cards or fall themed invitations. Sugar Ink Design also offers custom graphic design for any occasion.

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“We can incorporate your personal style and overall vision of the perfect invitation with a custom design. Give us your ideas, including color choices and any samples you may have collected from magazines or online. We know that the invitation sets the tone for what’s to come! We can help you put it all together, creating a unique ensemble of coordinating elements that carry the same theme throughout.”

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Although the season doesn’t officially begin until Monday, I have already begun to press leaves, plan for Halloween, and stock my kitchen with all things pumpkin! I’m not sure what your plans are for this fall, but I know that Sugar Ink Design would love to be included. The harsh and constantly changing weather in Colorado makes for a very brief autumn window, but the view is incredible if you have the chance to catch it. You will not find a better time or place to be photographed than Colorado in October. Book our services today before all the leaves fall away!

All photos in this post were taken by Sugar Ink Design photographers Bobby, Katelyn, and Teri.


Author: April French-Mack (Halloween 2012)

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