Ninja Jaxon


Baby Jaxon, future crime fighter and aspiring video game enthusiast. Action and adorable are all wrapped into one package with this arm full of joy.  Eager to pose and create precious little moments, Jaxon is quite an event to behold. We had the privilege of capturing just such an event, with the ever so photogenic Jaxon Lee. Sporting a hand made ninja turtle outfit, compliments of his loving mother, Jaxon takes time out of his busy eat and nap schedule to allow us to photograph him. Gearing up to be dad’s little gaming buddy and the worlds most adorable super hero, Jaxon, is nothing short of, “aww.”


His loving parents, Emily and Nick, can’t get enough of this bundle of cuteness as they display their affections in his new nursery.

_DSC2893  _DSC2887

Jaxon seems to be winning the admiration of all the family members, even the family dog, who is Emily’s first baby.


Has the grace and composure of a well seasoned model.


Jaxon poses in a special life saver signed by friends and family to help welcome him into the world. It’s a,”reminder that no matter how rough life may get we will always find a way to stay on the surface and ride out the storm,” says, mom, Emily.


Baby Jaxon assumes many identities in his, unassuming everyday life, but be sure that no matter what outfit he wears he will always manage to be, cute wrapped in adorable.



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