Frightening Family Photos: Sugar Ink Dabbles in the Dark Arts

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The word ‘macabre’ is used to describe something dark, frightening, or gruesome; usually relating to the horror genre. When Sugar Ink Design owner Teri told me this week would be featuring some Macabre family photos, I was excited for some fun Halloween themed shots. When she sent me the photos, I was immediately intrigued to hear the backstory behind them. I was also interested to hear that Teri didn’t know what ‘macabre photography’ was until shortly before this shoot; I was surprised because I felt like she captured it very well. It’s as if these shots jumped from pages of the works of Edgar Allan Poe.


“The macabre photo shoot was really fun. I love Halloween and scary movies so naturally I was really excited to be a part of this photo shoot. The great thing about being a photographer is having the opportunity to do new and creative things. You’re always thinking outside the box and trying to see every day things in a different perspective. It isn’t easy making a happy family look scary but it was a fun challenge that helped me get into the spirit of Halloween.”

-Bobby: Sugar Ink Design Photographer

Latifa works for Telecom, and her husband Curtis is an electrician. They are the proud parents of eleven year old Joey, and four year old Liliana. Joey is a talented, creative, smarty pants that enjoys: Steampunk, Egyptology, magic, and anything Sci-Fi. Liliana loves to sing and perform, but also enjoys: the outdoors, insects, and all animals.You may be surprised to hear that the Kohout family isn’t using these shots for a Halloween Party invite, but for their Christmas cards! The October timing was more of a coincidence. Latifa has always been drawn to darker types of art, and wanted to do something unique with her family. The Kohouts are not bound by tradition and embrace the Halloween festivities year round!


“We love attending Zombie Crawls! We also watch ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Gravity Falls’ as a family. Our stick figure family on my car is a zombie family. We play ‘zombies’ or ‘monsters’ rather than hide and seek. We even make our own costumes every year, and usually pick them months in advance.”



Latifa was inspired by an old theater painting of a witch and then pitched the idea for a similar style shoot to Teri. Although Teri didn’t know exactly what macabre art was, she did the research and was excited to try out something different! Her brother Bobby is another photographer on the Sugar Ink team the enjoys Halloween; together him and Teri enjoyed approaching this unique concept. The original plan for this shoot was to head to the Littleton Historical museum, but they were closing so a new location had to be found. Luckily they stumbled upon an old abandoned vocation style house, and an old garage in a back alley–both in downtown Littleton. The old house was formerly Mrs. B’s Tea Parlor and Sister’s Espresso.

“We tried to find areas that looked aged and had a lot of texture and depth. Different editing tricks were used to add darkness and create a creepy feel; and our final result was exactly the antique look we were going for. It was the first time we’ve taken family photos and had to instruct everyone to not smile.”

-Teri: Sugar Ink Design Owner/Photographer

Teri knows the Kohout family well, and has done the headshots for Joey and the photos for Latifa’s softball team. Latifa has always appreciated steam punk and had a draw to dark art. She knew from the beginning that Sugar Ink Design would be perfect for the job.


“They always get stuff done and are great at taking my plan to the next level. Teri always finds a way to make each idea possible. We were so happy with the pictures because Sugar Ink brought my vision to life!”


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