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Crisp Barber Shop is the next stop for your clean cut, look good, take charge hair cut. Their neo traditional barber style successfully blends classic hair cuts with a new age flare. Owner Joey Romero’s goal was to build a community. He describes barber shops as, “the original social network.” In his shop he strives to keep the old school barber shop feel alive. They’re not rushing you in and out hacking out a bunch of cookie cutter hair cuts. They take the time to really get the cut you want and they provide a welcoming environment where you can feel at home, a place you can truly let your hair down. Conversation is always encouraged and you don’t have to be worried about speaking your mind either, cause Joey will certainly give you a piece of his. He loves the social aspect of his job describing how there’s, “a show every hour and the cast of characters changes constantly, all the guys are funny.” Never a dull moment in this barber shop for the ages.


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The shop has a traditional feel with a little extra funk shimmied in there. Heck! they even have a motorcycle inside.


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Not just a cool place to get a hair cut, but a cool place to hang out. The shop has a great community that helps you feel welcome.


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Crisp Barber shop is a sit down, feel welcome kind of place. The classic feel with that hip new element. Stop by and pick up a trendsetting hair cut with that old school finish.

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