Brohdy Bubbles!

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Katelyn Bakowski, Sugar Ink’s newest photography sensation, recently had a chance to blow some bubbles and capture a couple laughs with a very special young man. Soaking up some rare spring sunshine, Brohdy was able to get in some much appreciated swing time with an exiting twist, a bubble shower. Katelyn says she knows Brohdy’s mom and, “she just wanted some good fun pictures taken of him.” Taking advantage of a nearby park they were able to help him enjoy one of his favorite pass times. Brohdy, “was definitely aware of the camera and made it a game to get a good shot of him,” says Katelyn, who said his giggles were contagious.  It’s the perfect time of year for kids to let their hair down and do what the do best, be kids.

_DSC6138  _DSC6132

Brohdy posing for the camera and strutting his stuff.

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Bubbles hold a world of magic and excitement that adults will never understand.

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The photo shoot was an exercise in fun and laughter. New comer Katelyn Bakowski had a great time capturing Brohdy’s playful afternoon and is excited for her next adventure in photography.

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