Adventure South of the Border

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A change of scenery is, quite literally, a breath of fresh air for a photographer. Capturing new sights and new people through the lens of a camera is exhilarating. It’s so much fun to experience a different landscape with its own unique and colorful culture. I was just so fortunate to live through such an adventure this last summer when I was invited to be the photographer on a destination vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Photographing friends on adventures and families making memories, I had an easy time, “working,” under the rays of paradise. Mexico provides an abundance of beautiful backdrops, perfect for any photo, and the colors of the Mexican markets are almost as beautiful as the colors provided by the natural surroundings. Playa del Carmen was a dream land for a first time visitor like myself, and it would seem that I didn’t put my camera down once the whole trip.


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The markets were alive with vibrant colors . Hundreds of souvenirs rich in Mexican culture painted the streets and sidewalks.


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Nothing but new sights and fun people. Mexico provided the perfect outlet for an excellent vacation.


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And of course, nothing beats indulging in the resorts lovely amenities.


There’s nothing like a little sand between your toes and some palm trees overhead to help you get a fresh perspective. Mexico was, to say the least, amazing. There’s nothing like a week away with some good friends and some breath taking surroundings. Mexico left me with some pink skin, tons of laughs, and an array of beautiful pictures to help me remember and cherish the occasion.

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